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12 04 09 / 03 12 10

Global Caribbean I: Focus on the Contemporary Caribbean Visual Art Landscape. Curated by Edouard Duval-Carrié, an internationally renowned artist living and working in Little Haiti in the heart of Miami, Global Caribbean I is a major project launched by "Caraibes en Création", a new program of Culturesfrance, the French Government agency for international cultural exchanges. […]

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12 03 10 / 02 28 11

Global Caribbean II - Caribbean Trilogy: Focus on the Greater Antilles Contemporary Caribbean artists consciously reinvent and reassess themselves from the primordial manifestations of their people, exposed to the avant-garde at a global level, they create their own art, authentic, capable of causing us to look inward and to establish the transcendence of our difference, […]

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12 02 11 / 02 29 12

The exhibition, Haiti Kingdom of this World, arose from the need to draw up an inventory of the contemporary creativity in Haiti, and to show the work of artists who question daily the state of chaos reigning there. There are plastic artists, photographers, sculptors, painters, performers and video artists – all essential players of their […]

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05 18 12 / 05 20 12

The date January 12, 2010 has been forever seared in the minds of many. Fast forward two years later and the following questions arise. What is the current state of affairs? How is the country thriving? What type of arts and crafts is being produced? Art is a fascinating study especially after debilitating and tragic […]

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12 07 12 / 02 16 13

Global Caribbean IV - French West Indies & Guiana: Focus on the Contemporary Expression We are very pleased to present, in this still-sparkling new Miami facility, a group of works from a part of the Caribbean that – for lack of a better word – have been coined as “French.” For me this story starts […]

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01 23 14 / 02 23 14

Global Caribbean V - Focus on the Miami Contemporary Visual Arts Landscape The Global Caribbean V exhibition presented at the prestigious Little Haiti Cultural Center in Miami, coincided with the internationally renowned Art Basel Miami Beach contemporary art fair. This exhibit, has been one of the few selected to be included in the official Art […]

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Global (Borderless) Caribbean VI

12 04 14 / 01 25 15

Global (Borderless) Caribbean VI - Unmapped Trajectories: Annotating Art Histories (Focus on the expanded Caribbean Contemporary Expression) The “Borderless Caribbean”- exhibition is presented on the 20th Anniversary of the Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance, as part of its expanded Global Caribbean series now in its six edition. This program is the most significant art exhibition devoted […]

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Global (Borderless) Caribbean VIII

11 30 16 / 03 19 17

Global (Borderless) Caribbean VIII - Liquid Knowledges The Art Basel exhibit presented by the Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance, Global (Borderless) Caribbean, returns this year with three dynamic components. LIQUID KNOWLEDGES Liquid Knowledges will examine the the contributions of Africans to the ethno-botany of the new world as well as the ideas of the enslaved populations […]

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Emmanuel Merisier, from Haiti to beyond

12 07 18 / 01 12 19

Drawing influence from both Haitian art and popular culture and European modernism, artist Emmanuel Merisier presents a unique oeuvre that explores both the spiritual and the modern. This exhibition is the tenth iteration of the Global Caribbean exhibition series and the first to focus on the work of an individual artist. Featuring 28 paintings from […]

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The Kingdom of this World, Reimagined

12 06 19 / 01 20 20

The Kingdom of This World, Reimagined, curated by Professor in Art History in Texas Tech University Lesley A. Wolff, (Ph.D.) & organized by Marie Vickles, celebrates the 70th anniversary of Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier’s historical novel, The Kingdom of This World (1949). The story follows the trials and tribulations of Ti Noël, an enslaved laborer […]

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The Visual Life of Social Affliction: Small Axe

12 06 19 / 02 28 20

The Global/Borderless Caribbean XI Series presents: The Visual Life of Social Affliction, a small axe project in partnership with The Little Haiti Cultural Center and the Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance. The Visual Life of Social Affliction seeks to generate a public conversation, shaped by a studied engagement with Caribbean art centered on long-standing experiences of […]

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Visionary Aponte: Art and Black Freedom

01 09 20 / 03 08 20

Visionary Aponte: Art and Black Freedom takes as its point of departure an extraordinary—and now lost—historical artifact: a so-called “Book of Paintings.” Its creator was José Antonio Aponte, a free black carpenter, artist,and former soldier who was also the leader of an ambitious antislavery conspiracy in Cuba in 1812. During his trial, Aponte was forced […]

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Dust Specks on the Sea: Contemporary Sculpture from the French Caribbean & Haiti

03 07 20 / 04 25 20

Dust Specks on the Sea focuses on sculptural works by over a dozen contemporary artists from Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, and Haiti and addresses the various positionings of the postcolonial condition in this region. The exhibition’s title—Dust Specks on the Sea—is derived from a quote by former French President Charles de Gaulle, describing his view of […]

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Global/Borderless Caribbean XII: Focus Miami

12 04 20 / 04 30 21
Little Haiti FL United States + Google Map

Global/Borderless Caribbean XII: Focus Miami presents Contemporary Visual Expression, Local Global, and Dèjá Vu  Contemporary Visual Expression, featuring an outdoor exhibition curated by Edouard Duval-Carrié, will celebrate Global/Borderless Caribbean’s 12 years of programming. The aim with this exhibition is not just to show that these islands all have artists worthy of appellation but more so […]

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Liquid Knowledges II: A Hemp & Cannabis History

11 30 21 / 12 30 21

As part of our Global/Borderless Caribbean series, the Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance presents: Liquid Knowledge II: A Hemp & Cannabis History Liquid Knowledge Presents: A Hemp & Cannabis History explores and celebrates a one-of-a-kind plant beyond the propaganda. The exhibition, part of the Global/Borderless Caribbean series, opens on Nov. 30th 2021 during Miami Art Week […]

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Noir Atlantic: Connecting the Continents

12 03 21 / 02 28 22

The Little Haiti Cultural Complex and the Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance present: Noir Atlantic: connecting the continents  Global / Borderless Caribbean XIII Exhibition Series December 3 2021 - February 28, 2022 Featured artists: Dinizulu Gene Tinnie, Errol Miller, Kabuya Pamela Bowens-Saffo, and Michelle Grant-Murray with Woosler Delisfort Curated by Marie Vickles, with Edouard Duval-Carrié and […]

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